Journal of Organic Agriculture Volume 14 (2024), issue 2


9 articles in this issue:

Special Issue—“Innovative sustainable organic food packaging”
Raffaele Zanoli, Luigi Cembalo, Alessia Lombardi
EditorialNotes 07 June 2024 Pages: 123 - 124

Eco-packaging in organic foods: rational decisions or emotional influences?
Alessia Lombardi, Giovanbattista Califano, Luigi Cembalo
OriginalPaper Open access 27 September 2023 Pages: 125 - 142
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SI: Innovative sustainable organic food packaging
The influence of packaging design visual elements on consumers’ purchase intention: a comparison study on organic food and non-food products
Maryam El Oraiby, Meltem Kiygi-Calli
Research 08 November 2023 Pages: 143 - 165

SI: Innovative sustainable organic food packaging
Cellulose-based sustainable packaging of leafy vegetables: an experimental study on the shelf life of baby spinach
Sarai Agustin-Salazar, Elena Torrieri, Maria Laura Di Lorenzo
Research Open access 15 December 2023 Pages: 167 - 180
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SI: Innovative sustainable organic food packaging
Switching to bio-based packaging for organic products: supply chain actors’ perspectives
S. Mandolesi, B. Kilic, R. Zanoli
Original Paper Open access 16 December 2023 Pages: 181 - 197
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SI: Innovative sustainable organic food packaging
Status quo of fertilization strategies and nutrient farm gate budgets on stockless organic vegetable farms in Germany
Sophie Stein, Jens Hartung, Hans Jürgen Reents
Original Paper Open access 12 March 2024 Pages: 199 - 212

The influence of neighborhood dynamics on farmers’ intention to adopt e-commerce platforms for organic tea sales: a study in Thai Nguyen province of Northern Vietnam
Huy Quang Doan, Linh Truong Tuan, Nguyen Khanh Doanh
OriginalPaper 19 March 2024 Pages: 213 - 230

No-till system organic vegetable production under green manure: effect on yield and soil properties
Camilla Santos Reis de Andrade da Silva, Ednaldo da Silva Araújo, Érika Flávia Machado Pinheiro
Original Paper 23 March 2024 Pages: 231 - 244

Investigating the financial challenges and opportunities of organic rice farming: an empirical long-term analysis of smallholder farmers
Sujianto Sujianto, Ening Ariningsih, Endro Gunawan
Research 03 May 2024 Pages: 245 - 261