ISOFAR General Assembly 2024 (1st December, hybrid)

Dear ISOFAR members,

every three years, ISOFAR has a General Assembly, attached to the Organic World Congress. The next GA will take place on the 1st December 2024 as hybrid event from 8-11 o'clock Central Europe Time (CET) resp. 14-17 o'clock local time (Taiwan, venue: Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum). A Zoom link will be found later on this website. 

We discuss and confirm the report of the recent board of directors, plan the budget for the coming three years and decide statuts and other issues. 

All ISOFAR members, who paid the membership fee, at least once in the last two years (2023 and/or 2024), are invited to join the General Assembly and decide with their votes. The membership fees can be paid in advance or just before the opening of the GA. 

The General Assembly is not open for guests.

Agenda for the ISOFAR General Assembly 2024

(Before the General Assembly, ISOFAR will offer a joint lunch for all ISOFAR members, who are in person in Taiwan at the venue place. A pre-registration would be helpful for preparation.)

1. Welcome of participants (President Prof. Dr. Gerold Rahmann)

2. Technicals
2.1. approval of the minutes from the GA in Rennes (France) 2021 (see minutes)
2.2. Moderator (to be nominated)
2.3. Final determination of agenda, amendments
2.4. Appointment of a minute keeper (to be nominated)

3. Reports from the board 2021 – 2024
3.1. Action report (President Prof. Dr. Gerold Rahmann)
3.2. Financial report (Treasurer Dr. Daniel Neuhoff)
3.3. Discussion of the reports
3.4. Exoneration of the Board 2021 – 2024

4. Election of the new Board 2024 – 2027
4.1. Explanation of the procedure
4.2. Short presentation of the candidates (call for candidates are found here)
4.3. Elections (an electronical election media will be used, approved for hybrid elections).
4.4. Ballot counting and announcement of results

5. Break (simultaneously: constitutive meeting of new Board Members)

6. Presentation of the New Board, E- Board and President

7. Outlook on future activities

8. Miscellaneous

9. Closure