ISOFAR attended the Organic Scientific symposium at the China Agricultural University

Suzhou, China, 9th September 2023

IFOAM Asia and ISOFAR member Ji Li, Director of the Organic Recycling Research Institute of the China Agricultural University, have organized an International Symposium on Organic Agricultural Innovation Research in Suzhou, China. 

About 10 international and 40 national participants attended the event. ISOFAR board members have been invited and Gerold Rahmann and Wahyudi David gave presentations. A joint dinner and an excursion to organic farming sites and shopping malls in Shanghai completed the valuable day.

  • CAU OA symposium 9-9-23
  • ISOFAR president GR gave presentation
  • ISOFAR board members Wahyudi and Gerold in Suzhou at the CAU
  • Organic rice water protection experiemts in Suzhou, China
  • Organic rice breeding in Suzhou, China
  • Organic insect control on Organic farm in Suzhou
  • Organic vegetable in a shopping mall in Shanghai sep 23
  • Organic milk in a shopping mall in Shanghai Sept 23
  • Organic Farm in Suzhou
  • International delegates dinner on 9-9-23 at CAU in Suzhou
  • Some of the participants of the OA symposium CAU Suzhou 9-9-23
  • CAU participants 9-9-23
  • Internaitonal delegates at OA symposium in Suzhou, CAU 9-9-23
  • Excursion on Organic rice breeding farm 9-9-23 in Suzhou china