ISOFAR supports the Organic World Congress 2024

ISOFAR supports the Organic World Congress 2024 from December 2-4, 2024 in Taiwan. Twelve scientific keynote lectures will cover the world of research for organic agriculture. Scientific publications on these presentations will also be available after the congress. Furthermore, ISOFAR will support the selection of papers with scientific reviews. In addition, there will be ISOFAR awards for the best scientific poster.

After the CoVid pandemic, global organic agriculture must be brought back together. Science thrives on global networking and collaboration and can help to bring the world of organic agriculture back together.

The current and future global to local challenges are enormous with climate change, food security, environmental protection, high quality of life and profitability. Organic farming wants to, can and must make an important contribution here, based on science and facts. Without scientific validation of the achievements and development path of organic farming, it will not be possible to spread and deepen it.

Science is a central pillar in the development of organic farming. The practice and value chain of organic farming promise a lot, and this must be kept. This requires independent scientific research. It is also important to identify and remove ideological obstacles and barriers to development.