Journal of Organic Agriculture Volume 14, Issue 1 (March 2024)


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7 articles in this issue:

Impact of e-NAM on organic agriculture farmers’ economic growth: a SmartPLS approach
Sarat Kumar Samantaray, Mohd FarhanAmit Kakkar
Research 12 December 2023 Pages: 1 - 18

Legume cover crop as a primary nitrogen source in an organic crop rotation in Ontario, Canada: impacts on corn, soybean and winter wheat yields
Xueming Yang, Craig F. Drury, Mary-Anne D. Reeb
Original Paper Open access 29 December 2023 Pages: 19 - 31

Appropriate selection of organic hybrid sweet corn varieties can positively influence both the effectiveness of the insect biological control agent Beauveria bassiana and fungal disease resistance
Patrick F. Dowd, Eric T. Johnson
OriginalPaper 22 January 2024 Pages: 33 - 44

Biodiversity of pests and natural enemies in different production environments of rice and cabbage: impacts of insecticide application
S. Karthikeyan, K. Bhuvaneswari, A. Suganthi
Research 02 February 2024 Pages: 45 - 55

Key factors influencing farmers’ adoption of sustainable innovations: a systematic literature review and research agenda
Giuseppina Rizzo, Giuseppina Migliore, Riccardo Vecchio
Review Paper Open access 16 August 2023 Pages: 57 - 84
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SI: Innovative sustainable organic food packaging
Impact of biofumigation on reducing swine parasite contamination on organic pastures
Yuzhi LiSara Major, Alexander D. Hernandez
Research 16 February 2024 Pages: 85 - 94

The role of organic farming in creating food security and sustainable livelihoods for India’s smallholder farmers: a systematic review using PRISMA
Rama Shankar SahuManish TiwariNabajyoti Deka
Review Paper 27 February 2024 Pages: 95 - 121