ISOFAR participated as invited keynote speakers at the 4th IOIS Organic conference Organic Life – Healthy diet with Vitality

 IFOAM Asia has organized the 4th International Xichong Asia Organic Summit from 10-12 Septemberr 2023 and invited 15 international participants. ISOFAR was represented by Gerold Rahmann (Germany), Wahyudi David (Indonesia) and Mahesh Chander (India). 

About 500 participants discussed the future of Organic farming and marketing in China. The host, the mayor of Xichong, has made an excellent presentation of the Organic development of the county. An exciting place to go.

  • IFOAM Asia honorable president Zhou Zejiang gave closing remarks
  • ISOFAR board members attending IOIS conference in Xichong 10-12 Sep 2023
  • ISOFAR president Rahmann attended IOIS conference in Xichong 10-12 Sep 2023
  • ISOFAR board members gave speach about feed sources
  • Welcome board IOIS in Xichong 2023
  • IOIS dinner for international delegates in Xichong 10-12 Sep 2023
  • Xichong welcomes participants of 4th IOIS conference 10-12 Sep 2023
  • Zhou Zejiang IFOAM Asia honorable president made picture of ISOFAR board members in Xichong 11-9-2023
  • Organic spices show room in Xichong 12-9-2023
  • Organic spices fermentation in Xichong 12-9-2023
  • Organic rice packaging factory in Xichong 12-9-2023
  • Dog care centre in Xichong 12-9-2023 entrance
  • Dog care centre in Xichong 12-9-2023
  • Organic Village view in Xichong 12-9-2023
  • Organic village in Xichong 12-9-2023